Meet the Maker

Hi there,

My name is Charlotte and I am the founder, designer, seamster, and sight hound addict behind Lamina Animal. I am a driven person with a passion for conservation and helping others at the forefront of my life choices. 

I have High Functioning Asperger (Autism) as well as being a Registered Nurse, an artist, a technology geek, and have travelled extensively throughout my life, living in five countries. I hold high the ethics of business practices that use local services and products and enjoy volunteering my time to help those who are less fortunate than the privilege afforded to me throughout my life.

I have been involved business since a young age from design to starting up of an organic farm in France in the late 1990s. During the mid-nineties, I focused on a career in design, digital technology and typography and then in 2002 I began my training to be a registered nurse at The University of Auckland Faculty of Medicine and Health Science in New Zealand. 

When I was young, my grandfather spent time showing me how to plant and maintain a kitchen garden, fix electrical equipment and find the best bargain at car boot and garage sales as people sold things to others they no longer needed. My grandmother taught me how to bake, sew, knit and preserve food for when the season had finished for produce; it was magical and I am eternally grateful to both of them for the love they showed me every time I stayed with them.

I strongly believe that there is no "Planet B", living my life according to this philosophy for over 20 years, and support change through education and offering alternative products to effect change and in leading by example. 

In creating  Lamina Animal, I wanted to find a way to engender the support our fragile ecosystem so desperately requires and continue to make a difference in the lives of others, whilst providing alternative luxury options for consumers that have minimal impact on the environment. It fills me with joy to watch the world embrace sustainable ways of living; a beautiful return to slow living, weekends spent gardening and learning new skills and knowledge shared with individuals who inevitably become an extended community of experience and support.

Insight on how we live and the impact that the products we use has on our planet allows us all to make positive changes to lessen that footprint on an incredible biosphere that we share with many diverse species of flora and fauna. Returning to this way of respect for handmade and quality that lasts is something that brings me immense contentment. 

Living a sustainable life means treading gently now and being mindful that we are looking after the resources we have, which are irreplaceable, for future generations. Like our bodies, the health implications for the world are serious if we don't treat our environment with respect. 

Through extensive research and feedback over the last year, I am confident that products that I offer will cater to a gap in this ever expanding market. In starting this business, I wish to go on to help others who require assistance, support charities that minimise the suffering of animals, and offer a quality range of products made from sustainable and renewable materials that are plastic-free in a multi billion dollar industry that is severely lacking in this area.

Thank you so much for taking the time to consider buying these products and being the change you want to see in the world...

Bertie and Scout the whippets wearing Lamina Animal linen collars

Bertie and Scout the whippets wearing Lamina Animal linen collars