Measuring your pet for a collar

Standard and Custom Sizing

A good fit is important for the comfort as well as the safety when measuring your pet for a collar. For a standard adjustable collar, this is simply the circumference of their neck, but with a Martingale, there are a few more measurements to take to achieve a proper size.

Our standard Martingale collars sizes are as follows:

Small: 11” - 16” (28 - 43cm) 

Medium: 12” - 18” (31 - 46cm)

Large: 13” - 19” (34 - 49cm) 

How to measure & determine the size you need for a Martingale Collar:

  1. Measure the largest part of your pets head, and the middle of their neck.
  2. If your pets head is larger than its neck, you will use their head measurement to determine the size you need.
  3. If their neck is larger than their head, use your pets neck measurement to determine the size you need.
  4. Add 2" to to the above measurements (head or neck) for larger animals and 1" to 1.5" for smaller ones. This is the maximum size collar you will need. For example, if your pets head is bigger than their neck and measures 17", simply add 2" to that (19"), which will mean that you require a collar with a size range that goes up to 19" and you will need a Large (size range: 15" - 20").

If you are ordering a collar from us, we will email you before making it to confirm your measurements before making your collar so that you are completely happy with the fit.

How to fit your collar once it arrives:

  1. Adjust the collar it to its largest size, working the metal adjuster as far as it will go.
  2. Slip the collar over your pets head. Once at the neck, adjust it down to a size for some wiggle room. You should be able to fit two fingers between your pets collar and neck comfortably.